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6.0.1 Cohort 5

Meeting chat log
00:40:51    Becki R. (she/her): It works both ways, I think. It's just convention to use <-.
00:45:11    Wai-Yin:    You can use <- or = for assignment. <-  is the convention in R.  -> results in ab error.
00:58:59    lucus w:
01:01:43    Bruno A. Machado:   tks Lucus for the link 👍
01:13:48    Susie N.:   I have to head out! Thank you Ryan for the great breakdown
01:14:07    Federica Gazzelloni:    Thanks!
01:14:19    Becki R. (she/her): Thanks everyone, see you next week!
01:17:04    Bruno A. Machado:   tks team
01:17:21    Eileen Murphy:  Thank you Ryan
Meeting chat log
00:05:55 Hello!
00:07:40    Becki R. (she/her): Hello!
00:07:52    Sandra Muroy:   Hi!
00:07:57    Federica Gazzelloni:    Hi!
00:09:49    Eileen: Hello!
00:15:44    Becki R. (she/her): Very cool!
00:29:31    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:31:35    lucus w:    Or just here::here() package, it’s my favorite
00:32:48    Ryan Metcalf:   Ah, Thank you Lucas! I think you may have solved an error I was trying to overcome!
00:32:57    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    here::here("my_dir", "myfile.R")
00:33:06    lucus w:    There you go, yup
00:34:37    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    usethis
00:34:38    lucus w:    You can use usethis
00:37:56    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    .Last.value
00:38:58    lucus w:    It’s a life saver especially working in databases
00:44:32    Federica Gazzelloni:    reticulate
00:45:11    Federica Gazzelloni:
00:48:18    Ryan Metcalf:   @Shamsuddeen, what was that command again? Cmd + Shift + P?
00:48:40    Susan Neilson:  That’s right
00:49:43    Ryan Metcalf:   Awesome! Ive never used that before. These bookclub meetups are so helpful! Thank you everyone!
00:50:04    Federica Gazzelloni:    yep! very useful
00:50:09    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:
00:50:28    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   Naming things
00:51:10    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    20210904
00:51:55    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   Chapter 2 Project-oriented workflow :
00:52:13    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Had to google that tab:
00:52:15    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   What They Forgot to Teach You About R
00:55:05    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:55:38    Ryan Metcalf:   Transmute I think…..
00:56:27    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    tidyr::replace_na()
00:56:54    lucus w:    Check out janitor
01:02:32    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:
01:02:42    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   df %>% dplyr::mutate(x = replace_na(x, 0))
01:03:30    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    ""
01:04:16    Ryan Metcalf:   You’ve discovered the beauty of a programmer!!!
01:04:28    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   Yes Yes !!!
01:05:22    Susan Neilson:  “95% of being a programmer is knowing how to Google” - my programmer friend
01:06:27    Ryan Metcalf:   I find googling the package and then reading the PDF Manual. CRAN is your friend.
01:10:38    Sandra Muroy:   thanks everyone for your input!
01:10:57    Ryan Metcalf:   Thank you Susie! Great presentation and conversation!
01:11:04    Susan Neilson:  Thanks everyone !
01:11:08    Federica Gazzelloni:    thanks
01:11:12    Becki R. (she/her): Thank you!
01:11:22    Susan Neilson:

6.0.2 Cohort 6

Meeting chat log
00:09:22    Matthew Efoli:  good evening
00:09:29    Matthew Efoli:  good day
00:09:35    Vrinda Kalia:   Hello!
00:09:55    Daniel Adereti: Hello!
00:10:04    Shannon:    Hello!
00:10:06    Daniel Adereti: ready when you are, Matthew
00:11:40    Adeyemi Olusola:    Good evening everyone
00:28:31    Daniel Adereti: will it be possible to sort in ascending order as well?
00:30:39    Adeyemi Olusola:    sort() should do trick
00:31:13    Adeyemi Olusola:    I have issues with my audio
00:31:39    Adeyemi Olusola:    lets try sort = ()
00:32:07    Vrinda Kalia:   I am not sure about using sort within the count function. I am only aware of using the desc argument in the sort() function
00:33:06    Daniel Adereti: it seems the sort() has its own arguments
00:33:41    Aalekhya Reddam:    Sorry everyone, I have to head out but will watch the recording. See you all next week!
00:34:33    Shannon:    not_cancelled %>%
00:34:45    Shannon:    oops sorry, didn't finish that...
00:36:00    Adeyemi Olusola:    not_cancelled%>%
00:36:05    Adeyemi Olusola:    desc()
00:37:46    Daniel Adereti: maybe we continue and figure it out next time?
00:37:53    Daniel Adereti: sorry for chopping your flow!
00:38:27    Esmeralda Cruz: maybe arrange function?
00:38:58    Esmeralda Cruz: ok
00:44:31    Daniel Adereti: thanks for that shortcut
00:50:23    Daniel Adereti: Please explain "filter(rank(desc(arr_delay)) <= 10"
00:55:38    Daniel Adereti: Thanks! noticed the same too, the descending argument does not seem to have any effect
00:56:31    Daniel Adereti: sure!
00:56:35    Daniel Adereti: thanks
00:58:00    Shannon:    oh, because we didn't have a rank column in the first example?
00:59:24    Daniel Adereti: like a rank column as part of the dataset?
01:02:11    Daniel Adereti: Thanks!
01:04:01    Shannon:    yes
01:10:42    Vrinda Kalia:   I need to leave for a meeting. Thank you so much for leading a great discussion, Matthew!
01:11:00    Shannon:    Thanks, Matthew! I liked the way you presented with both the bookdown file as well as RStudio.
01:11:09    Daniel Adereti: Thanks Matthew!
01:11:14    Maria Eleni Soilemezidi:    Thank you for the presentation! That was very helpful! :)
01:11:15    Matthew Efoli:  Thanks
01:11:37    Maria Eleni Soilemezidi:    See you next week!
01:11:50    Esmeralda Cruz: Thank you :) for your time Matthew
01:12:05    Esmeralda Cruz: yes, both are correct
Meeting chat log
00:01:19    Adeyemi Olusola:    Good day everyone
00:01:32    Daniel: Hello!
00:17:42    Esmeralda Cruz: nop
00:33:45    Daniel:
00:44:48    Esmeralda Cruz: interesting
00:46:11    Esmeralda Cruz: ok, make sense
00:49:45    Esmeralda Cruz: ok

6.0.3 Cohort 7

Meeting chat log
00:36:35    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  It is CMD + Enter on Mac
00:37:22    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  CMD + Enter will run the code on Mac
00:53:06    Oluwafemi Oyedele:
00:53:11    Oluwafemi Oyedele:
00:53:58    Oluwafemi Oyedele:

6.0.4 Cohort 8