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16.0.1 Cohort 5

Meeting chat log
00:05:04    Federica Gazzelloni:    Hello
00:23:34    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Useful: R has and character vectors built in. So you can do things like y3 <- factor(, levels =
00:35:46    Ryan Metcalf:   Open ended question for the team. If Factors are a built-in enumeration in categorical data….what if the data in review has a dictionary and the variable (column) of each record is entered as a numeral. Would a best practice to use a join or mutate to enter the text instead of a numeral.
01:00:25    Ryan Metcalf:   I’m not finding a direct definition of “level” in the Forecats text. Would it be appropriate to state a “level” in this Factor chapter is the “quantity of a given category?”
01:05:05    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):

16.0.2 Cohort 6

Meeting chat log
00:12:43    Daniel Adereti:
00:13:46    Adeyemi Olusola:    Its freezing but I don’t know if it’s from my end
00:15:05    Shannon:    Yes, Adeyemi, it's freezing a bit...cleared up for now
00:19:52    Adeyemi Olusola:    I guess as.factor( ) does the same without aorting
01:01:46    Marielena Soilemezidi:  thank you Daniel!
01:01:52    Adeyemi Olusola:    Thank you Daniel
01:02:34    Marielena Soilemezidi:  bye all!
01:02:40    Daniel Adereti: Bye!

16.0.3 Cohort 7

16.0.4 Cohort 8

Meeting chat log
00:39:21    shamsuddeen:
00:39:43    Abdou:  Sometimes you just want to lump together the small groups to make a plot or table simpler
00:39:52    shamsuddeen:    yes
00:39:55    shamsuddeen:    exactly
00:40:50    Abdou:  Reacted to "https://forcats.tidy..." with 👍