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Cohort 5

Meeting chat log
00:07:37    Federica Gazzelloni:    Hello everyone!
00:07:53    Sandra Muroy:   Hi Federica!
00:07:58    Adeyemi Olusola:    hello everyon3.
00:09:56    Ryan Metcalf:   Good day Cohort!
00:10:15    Sandra Muroy:   Hi Adeyemi and Ryan :)
00:13:15    Becki R. (she/her): Hello!
00:13:38    Becki R. (she/her): yes
00:28:57    Keuntae Kim:    punctuation mark also works for the numeric column name.
00:29:14    Keuntae Kim:    table4a$`1999`
00:29:16    Keuntae Kim:    I think..
00:29:47    Keuntae Kim:    you got that... haha
00:37:53    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Thank you Jon, you just answered my question :)
00:44:12    Federica Gazzelloni:    thanks
00:51:17    lucus w:    The new {knitr} syntax allows inline chuck options. Better yet you can use yaml styling
00:52:00    lucus w:    ```{r}
00:52:39    lucus w:    ```{r} #| echo:FALSE ```
00:58:05    Ryan Metcalf:   I know realize….I have an older version of the Print book versus the online version! Now I know why I was scratching my head!
00:58:13    Ryan Metcalf:   “Now”
01:02:10    Keuntae Kim:    Agree. reshape/reshape seem to begin deprecated even if there are still users (like me). 😀
01:02:14    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Yeah, I don't think they've done a printing since pivot_* came out.
01:13:45    lucus w:    Good job on going through the exercise but maybe randomly select some
01:13:57    Federica Gazzelloni:    agree
01:14:53    Keuntae Kim:    agree, but exercises are very interesting. they are what we usually encounter when wrangling the data in practice.
01:17:12    lucus w:    Sorry folks I have to drop.. good job Sandra!!
01:20:11    Keuntae Kim:    Excellent job Sandra! You really dive in the contents very deeply!
01:20:27    Ryan Metcalf:   Great Job Sandra!
Meeting chat log
00:11:11    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Hi everyone!
00:12:06    Becki R. (she/her): Hello!
00:14:06    Susie N:    You could also just do as.numeric correct?
00:14:09    Susie N:    Just not as nice
00:19:26    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Yup, the convert just figures out the as.* for you automatically.
00:22:11    Keuntae Kim:
00:22:38    Keuntae Kim:    simple intro. I used this for my text mining analysis.
00:23:56    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    I use a lot to test out regex quickly.
00:24:47    Keuntae Kim:    Thank you for the link!
00:24:52    Federica Gazzelloni:    thanks
00:50:11    Susie N:    Amazing job breaking it all down!
00:50:41    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Thank you Sandra!
00:55:00    Becki R. (she/her): Thanks, Sandra!
00:55:36    Keuntae Kim:    In the wide-format, it is easy to produce additional derivative variables--such as percentages?
00:56:24    Keuntae Kim:    It is because, in the wide format, each row represents one single unique observation.
00:56:58    Keuntae Kim:    Census data
00:57:03    Keuntae Kim:    is organized in the wide format.
00:57:26    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Read vignettes here for cases where it makes sense to be wide:
00:58:17    Federica Gazzelloni:    thanks Sandra

Cohort 6

Meeting chat log
00:11:55    Marielena Soilemezidi:  hi guys! :)
00:12:14    Adeyemi Olusola:    Hello
00:12:16    Daniel Adereti: Hallo!
00:14:58    Marielena Soilemezidi:  yep!
00:18:42    Daniel Adereti: The link to the paper:
00:34:12    Daniel Adereti: why is table 2 not tidy again?
00:34:26    Marielena Soilemezidi:  it mixes populations and cases
00:44:13    Marielena Soilemezidi:  nope! All good :)
00:44:17    Daniel Adereti: none from me
01:12:20    Daniel Adereti: We are overtime though, maybe we conclude with Pivotwider next week?
01:13:06    Marielena Soilemezidi:  thank you, Adeyemi!
01:13:06    Daniel Adereti: Fantastic class! Thanks Adeyemi!
01:13:14    Marielena Soilemezidi:  great presentation :)
01:13:16    Folashade Bayode:   Thank you

Cohort 7

Meeting chat log
00:54:04    Betsy Muriithi: Sorry for joining so late; I got the dates mixed up.. I though I was doing my presentation next Monday 😔

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