29.16 Introduction

  • The main purpose of this section…..is to tidy your data and how model summaries can help us pick out outliers and unusual trends in our data
  • As your experience grows with Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) you will find your models grow as well

This chapter is somewhat aspirational: if this book is your first introduction to R, this chapter is likely to be a struggle. It requires you to have deeply internalised ideas about modelling, data structures, and iteration. So don’t worry if you don’t get it — just put this chapter aside for a few months, and come back when you want to stretch your brain.

  • We are not going to discuss Model Building (even though it is the name of the Chapter)
  • We are going to push through to the end….(but please feel welcome to ask questions!)

29.16.1 Prerequisites

We will use both tidyverse and modelr from here.