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Cohort 5

Meeting chat log
00:11:14    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:12:06    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    Hi everyone!
00:12:29    Sandra Muroy:   Hi Saeed!
00:13:05    Becki R. (she/her): Hello!
00:13:30    Sandra Muroy:   Hi Becki!
00:22:41    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    Can also by using ggplot2 do some 3D surface plots?
00:24:01    shamsuddeen:
00:24:12    shamsuddeen:    2D contours of a 3D surface
00:25:34    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    Thanks @shamsuddeen ;)
00:25:50    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    ggplot2 is 2D. There are other packages for 3D visualization, I'll try to link some in your question on the Slack once we're done!
00:26:29    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    @Jon Thanks a lot! :)
00:26:34    shamsuddeen:    I guess this package provides 3D plotting
00:27:24    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Yup, that's the one I was going to recommend:
00:28:28    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    I found it super helpful to figure out how to read some of these things as words:
%>% = "and then"
~ = "by" (usually)
00:28:30    shamsuddeen:    Looks at some practical examples of the package here:
00:29:54    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    Thank you!
00:40:57    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    ?ggplot2::mpg will show all the details of the dataset
00:41:50    Sandra Muroy:   thanks Jon :)
00:42:40    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    hwy = "highway miles per gallon", cty = "city miles per gallon" in that set, so usually that's what you'd want on y.
00:43:38    Becki R. (she/her): Did I hear correctly that the dependent variable goes on the y-axis?
00:44:04    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Generally, yes. But it's whatever you specify as "y" in the "aes" call.
00:44:16    Becki R. (she/her): ok thanks
00:49:24    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    The "labs" function is for all of the labels for your plot.
00:51:26    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:51:48    Hector: Is there any specific use for the ggtitle() function in contrast with labs() ?
00:52:09    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   what is there a difference between stat="count" and stat="identity"? I understand stat = "count returns count per each level.
00:53:23    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    @Hector: ggtitle is equivalent to labs() for just the title and subtitle parts. It's just to make it easier to focus on those specific bits.
00:53:56    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    @Njoki: "count" means "how many entries have this value?", vs "identity" means "what value is in this cell?"
00:54:59    Hector: Thank you!
00:55:04    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   thank you.
00:56:26    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    "color" = outside, "fill" = inside
00:58:53 labs()
01:04:36    Ryan Metcalf:   Could it be stated that “labs” is a more eloquent way of labeling than explicitly calling each field directly? Less lines of code maybe?
01:05:47    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    I'm not sure I'd say "eloquent," but it's just another option. They provide the separate functions in case you're looking for them, basically.
01:07:23    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Sorry about that!
01:08:23    Susie Neilson:  This was a great presentation - thank you so much Federica!
01:12:31 example would be the use of a map data
01:12:51    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    Thanks Federica :)
01:13:43 great thanks!
01:13:46    Fodil:  thank you everyone was very interesting.
01:13:51    Becki R. (she/her): Thanks, Federica!
01:13:56    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Thank you.
01:13:56    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    Thank you
01:13:58    Saeed Shafiei Sabet:    bye

Cohort 6

Meeting chat log
00:16:33    Daniel Adereti: do I have to run library(tidyverse) everytime I start my R?
00:17:15    Zaynaib Giwa, @zaynaib: You only need to call it once when you open R Studio
00:21:14    Shannon:    To double check that you have it installed, you can click on the 'Packages' tab in the lower right pane. If it's installed, you'll see it listed next to a checkbox. Once you load the package with the library() function, you will see a checkmark in the box.
00:28:20    Freya Watkins (she/her):    displ 's class is dbl (double) which is a floating point number for decimal precision. int (integer) is for full rounded values (I think)
00:28:49    Zaynaib Giwa, @zaynaib: cute cat
00:28:49    Vrinda Kalia:   Yes, I was just typing that up @Freya I think you are right
00:30:26    Aalekhya Reddam:    In Line 88 is it a - or = between data and mpg?
00:30:57    Matthew Efoli:  I think it is an equal to sign
00:30:58    Aalekhya Reddam:    Sorry that was my screen lagging!
00:38:43    Shannon:    Another option for finding number of rows and number of columns, that I used, is nrow(mpg) and ncol(mpg). Not as much info as glimpse(), but more concise.
00:41:42    Freya Watkins (she/her):    @Shannon, dim(mpg) also gives both dimensions in one command (number of rows, followed by number of columns) :)
00:42:35    Shannon:    @Freya, perfect! thanks!
00:49:45    Zaynaib Giwa, @zaynaib: I have to leave a bit early. But it was nice meeting everyone. See you next week.
00:50:02    Shannon:    See you next week!
00:50:30    Matthew Efoli:  See you next week Zaynaib
00:50:34    Aalekhya Reddam:    I have to head out too, see you all next week! :)
00:50:57    Shannon:    👋
00:51:06    Matthew Efoli:  Have a nice weekend Aalekhya!
00:51:20    Freya Watkins (she/her):    missing the closing bracket I think
00:53:58    Daniel Adereti: See you next week Aalekhya and Zaynaib!
00:54:27    Daniel Adereti: We have 10 more minutes, so we may have to carry over the chapter to next week, I think
00:55:10    Matthew Efoli:  @Daniel okay
00:56:31    Shannon:    That works for me. I'd have more time to look over the second half of the chapter. :)
00:56:52    Marielena Soilemezidi:  Yes, same for me! :)
00:56:52    Vrinda Kalia:   Yes, this sounds good to me as well!
00:59:17    Shannon:    Nice work presenting, Adeyemi! Thank you!
00:59:20    Marielena Soilemezidi:  Daniel, could you share the link of the spreadsheet here?
00:59:40    Daniel Adereti:
00:59:43    Marielena Soilemezidi:  Because I couldn't find it in Slack for some reason
00:59:47    Marielena Soilemezidi:  thank you!!
01:00:35    Daniel Adereti: 👍
01:08:40    Vrinda Kalia:   Maybe try “stroke = class” ?
01:10:01    Freya Watkins (she/her):    try stroke = 5. it should modify the width of the border so I think needs a numeric argument
01:10:08    Daniel Adereti: maybe this? ggplot(data = mpg)+
  geom_point(mapping = aes(x = displ, y = hwy),
             shape = 17,
             stroke = 3)
01:10:32    Vrinda Kalia:   I see, it needs a numeric argument
01:11:37    Vrinda Kalia:   Thank you so much for leading the discussion, Adeyemi!
01:11:55    Matthew Efoli:  Thank you so much Adeyemi!
01:11:56    Freya Watkins (she/her):    Thank you, Adeyemi! Great job :)
01:11:57    anacuric:   thank you!
01:11:58    Marielena Soilemezidi:  Thank you guys! And thanks Adeyemi for presenting!! :)
01:12:00    Shannon:    Thank you everyone!
01:12:01    Adeyemi Olusola:    thank you
01:12:02    Marielena Soilemezidi:  See you next week!
01:12:16    Matthew Efoli:  see you next week!
Meeting chat log
00:06:29    Adeyemi Olusola:    Good day Daniel
00:06:58    Daniel Adereti: Hello Olusola!
00:07:06    Daniel Adereti: Looking forward to today!
00:07:21    Adeyemi Olusola:    Yeah yeah.
00:12:52    Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe:  Hi everyone, I am in my shared office at work, so cannot really speak (have been meaning to join from the start, but shared office = loads of distraction). (I am based in London UK).
00:14:12    Shannon:    Hi Amelie, nice to 'meet' you :)
00:20:49    Aalekhya Reddam:    I may have missed it but what is the difference between adding a period and not adding one for facet_grid?
00:22:41    Shannon:    I think I missed that too, I second that question.
00:26:04    Freya Watkins (she/her):    The point should have removed one of the dimensions - either vertical or horizontal
00:29:57    Shannon:    So, having a point or no point would have the same result? Ex: ( ~ drv) is the same as( . ~drv)? Or (drv ~) is the same as (drv ~ .) ?
00:32:11    Aalekhya Reddam:    That’s what I understood too Shannon! The location of the ~ determines orientation and I guess the “.” is a placeholder
00:32:48    Shannon:    I think that's how I'm understanding it, too
00:39:09    Freya Watkins (she/her):    Yes I believe that's right @Shannon, @Aalekhya - I think in the previous plot there was an extra dimension (drv ~ cyl) which had rows and columns, then replacing drv with a point (. ~ cyl) just returns a plot faceted with columns for cyl. Then (~ cyl) returns the same plot as (. ~ cyl)
00:39:44    Aalekhya Reddam:    Ah okay, thank you Freya!
00:39:52    Shannon:    Okay, thanks Freya!
00:58:00    Shannon:    That last one drove me crazy, I couldn't figure it out! I tried position = jitter and tied to adjust stroke. Looks like the solution is two geom_point layers. Thanks for solving that one!
01:10:45    Aalekhya Reddam:    I have another meeting and have to head out, thank you for a great lesson Adeyemi! See you all next week
01:10:57    Vrinda Kalia:   Thank you so much, Adeyemi! I appreciate your thoroughness. I need to leave for a 1pm call. See you all next week!
01:11:06    Shannon:    See you next week!
01:11:13    Daniel Adereti: Hello guys, will we like to conclude the chapter ourselves next time so we move to the next chapter with Matthew?
01:11:20    Shannon:    Thank you Adeyemi!
01:11:30    Marielena Soilemezidi:  See you guys! Thank you Adeyemi!!
01:11:32    Matthew Efoli:  Thank you Adeyemi
01:11:35    Freya Watkins (she/her):    Thanks Adeyemi! Really helpful, thanks for all the extra time and effort on the exercises
01:11:42    Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe:  Thank you!
01:11:58    Freya Watkins (she/her):    I'm happy to finish the rest myself and move on to next chapter next time :)
01:12:43    Matthew Efoli:  I have to go. I will be taking the next chapter
01:12:47    Freya Watkins (she/her):    Bye! Thanks Daniel
01:12:52    Matthew Efoli:  bye

Cohort 7

Meeting chat log
00:08:24    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  Let wait for about 5 minute for others to join
01:02:00    Aditi S:    Thank you! I have to leave now but hope to join again next week.
01:05:04    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  geom_jitter is very useful if you want to avoid over-plotting

Cohort 8

Meeting chat log
00:11:18    shamsuddeen:
00:12:09    Mary Emeraghi:  Hello everyone
00:13:16    Mary Emeraghi:  Hello Shamsuddeen. Please kindly share the link to the GitHub note page
00:13:41    shamsuddeen:
00:13:48    shamsuddeen:
00:14:22    shamsuddeen:
01:24:50    Bidemi Agbozuadu:   Thank you very much! Nice presentation
01:25:32    shamsuddeen: