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Meeting chat log
00:13:48    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    "dplyr" as in "data plyer" (tools for working with data)
00:22:03    Ryan Metcalf:   I call the | as “handlebar”…may be my own lingo too.
00:22:20    lucus w:    I like vbar
00:38:30    Ryan Metcalf:   Quick thought, on dat ingestion, does the tidyverse convert null to NA? Or an alternative, does look for null too?
00:39:19    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Null coming in from a database will convert to NA. NULL specifically means "does not exist," and can't be inside a vector of numbers in R. It's its own data type in R.
00:39:24    lucus w:    I believe NA and NULL aren’t the same thing, so I’d guess no
00:39:53    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   can one use filter to remove na?
00:40:01    Ryan Metcalf:   👍🏻
00:40:45    lucus w:    filter(! wil do the trick
00:40:51    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    filter(flights, ! would remove NA rows.
00:41:05    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Lucus beat me to it :D
00:42:22    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   awesome, thank you both :)
00:46:06    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Chapter 14 has more on regular expressions.
00:47:03    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:58:04    lucus w:    I wish all aggregate functions would have na.rm = TRUE as a default
01:04:21    lucus w:    is magrittr a function or just an operator
01:04:35    lucus w:    %>%
01:04:38    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    If you're curious why the pipe package is called magrittr:
01:05:02    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    magrittr is the package which exports the %>% function (but it's a special kind of function because it can go in the middle of its arguments)
01:16:15    Eileen: Great presentation
01:16:17    Ryan Metcalf:   Great job!
01:16:34    LG: Thank you!
01:16:46    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Thank you!
01:17:40    Eileen: Thank you!
Meeting chat log
00:04:33    Susan Neilson:  Yes!
00:27:11    shamsuddeen:
00:27:30    Federica Gazzelloni:
00:27:54    shamsuddeen:
00:28:15    shamsuddeen:    1L, 2L
00:28:50    Federica Gazzelloni:    tribble() creates tibbles using an easier to read row-by-row layout.
00:37:49    Becki R. (she/her): the audio is out
01:08:20    Susie N.:   I have to head out everyone - thank you all so much for an excellent class and discussion!
01:08:32    Federica Gazzelloni:    info for lealeft:
01:09:32    Federica Gazzelloni:    the documentation says: ~ x means the variable x in the data object
01:10:21    shamsuddeen:
01:10:44    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   thanks you
01:10:51    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   thank*
01:12:24    shamsuddeen:    Strings
01:12:35    shamsuddeen:    Chapter
01:12:38    Federica Gazzelloni:    thanks
01:12:40    shamsuddeen:    I can do

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Meeting chat log
00:01:33    Adeyemi Olusola:    good day Daniel
00:01:48    Daniel Adereti: Hello Adeyemi!
00:03:09    Adeyemi Olusola:    we are experiencing loadshedding as regards electricity in SA. So, If I am unavailable at some point kindly know that its light issues
00:03:26    Daniel Adereti: Got you!
00:06:42    Daniel Adereti: Let's give people about 5 minutes to join in
00:07:21    Daniel Adereti: Also, expecting our volunteer Matthew to join a bit late
00:07:38    Shannon:    Sounds good
00:07:56    Daniel Adereti: He had to reschedule a number of things due to the timezone issues (CDT vs WAT)
00:09:07    Shannon:    it's a bit crackly
00:09:30    Adeyemi Olusola:    yes...its getting better
00:10:29    Adeyemi Olusola:    yeah
00:10:32    Shannon:    much better!
00:10:45    Adeyemi Olusola:    you decide
00:12:04    Shannon:    yes! seeing your RStudio screen clearly
00:19:39    Vrinda Kalia:   That’s my guess as well
00:21:10    Freya Watkins (she/her):    maybe it's just the order, a=1, b=2 etc? I guess
00:21:25    Daniel Adereti: seems like @freya
00:21:26    Shannon:    That seems right
00:21:27    Adeyemi Olusola:    my guess...
00:21:36    Adeyemi Olusola:    perhaps we can try z and t
00:22:56    Daniel Adereti: 'z'  > 't' == TRUE, so it appears it is by order
00:23:10    Adeyemi Olusola:    nice one
00:24:25    Adeyemi Olusola:    equal to
00:24:29    Adeyemi Olusola:    a = 1
00:24:40    Vrinda Kalia:   on Mac: option + -
00:24:45    Freya Watkins (she/her):    ALT-minus is a shortcut for on Windows
00:29:26    Adeyemi Olusola:    1 = 5 is false but the negation turns it true
00:32:00    Adeyemi Olusola:    yes, we can
00:32:54    Vrinda Kalia:   Sorry, I don’t see the pop-up. We see the help pane
00:33:23    Adeyemi Olusola:    Yes, I was referring to the help pane, I thought he will be scrolling along the pane
00:36:01    Vrinda Kalia:   flights$month
00:38:15    Shannon:    I haven't seen/used the as.levels() function yet, looks like it can be useful!
00:38:57    Daniel Adereti: levels(as.factor(flights$month))
00:39:07    Adeyemi Olusola:    exactly
00:39:31    Shannon:    Nice!
00:40:59    Shannon:    oops, as.factor(), not as.levels()
00:41:19    Adeyemi Olusola:    @Shannon exactly
00:41:44    Shannon:    So many functions to learn! :)
00:44:54    Adeyemi Olusola:    its filtering november
00:45:20    Adeyemi Olusola:    across years
00:47:09    Adeyemi Olusola:    the time is also there
00:47:43    Adeyemi Olusola:    so there are many flights in one (1) day
00:52:32    Daniel Adereti: Let's aim to finish the filter() fxn lesson today, right? it ends at "missing values"
00:52:57    Shannon:    that sounds good
00:58:50    Vrinda Kalia:   That sounds good!
00:58:52    Adeyemi Olusola:    Nice work!!!!
00:59:04    Adeyemi Olusola:    Thanks a lot Mattew!
00:59:04    Aalekhya Reddam:    That’s great! Thank you Matthew :)
00:59:05    Vrinda Kalia:   thank you so much, Matthew!
00:59:23    Shannon:    Thank you, Matthew!
00:59:35    Adeyemi Olusola:    Bye Bye
00:59:42    Freya Watkins (she/her):    Thanks Matthew!
00:59:45    Daniel Adereti: Thank you!

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Meeting chat log
00:55:33    shamsuddeen:
01:09:35    shamsuddeen:
Meeting chat log
00:50:43    shamsuddeen:
00:51:50    shamsuddeen:    Ctrl + Shift + M