Meeting Videos

2.1.1 Cohort 5

Meeting chat log
00:14:44    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Ignore the URL on these, I should have made my coworker crop those out since it isn't relevant outside of our work environment 🙃
00:47:00    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    ?variable.names
00:58:53    Becki R. (she/her): jon_doe is an object?
00:59:05    Wai-Yin:    Yes.
01:10:33    Becki R. (she/her): Is there a list of verbal substitutions like "<- = get"?
01:16:05    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Not yet! Some more will come up as we go through the book... and I plan on putting something together with them before too long!
01:16:56    Becki R. (she/her): Nice!
01:20:44 Thanks
01:22:41    Becki R. (she/her): Thanks everyone! I will not be here next week.

2.1.2 Cohort 7

Meeting chat log
00:29:38    Dolleen Osundwa:    is a tibble similar to the table () function?

2.1.3 Cohort 8

Meeting chat log
00:06:13    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   book_club-py4da
00:06:16    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   #book_club-py4da
00:08:47    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:
00:09:03    Abdou Daffeh:   Hey everyone
00:34:25    Abdou Daffeh:   sorry do you mean vscode?
00:34:45    Hamza:  Yes he is using VSCode
00:35:13    Abdou Daffeh:   thanks, I have to check it out
00:41:22    Shamsuddeen Muhammad: