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28.0.1 Cohort 5

Meeting chat log
00:03:37    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   I agree with Ryan.
00:15:27    Ryan Metcalf:
00:20:48    Ryan Metcalf:   Some extra reading material:
00:28:14    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Qn, does anyone know why putting figure captions move figures to other positions?
00:33:58    Federica Gazzelloni:    try with {r ….., fig.align =“center”}
00:35:01    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   Thanks Federica, I'll give it a try :)
00:57:25    Ryan Metcalf:
00:58:59    Ryan Metcalf:   The comment I’m making, there are many forms of Markdown, not all created equally. John Gruber originated Markdown syntax to make authoring easier. GitHub versus GitLab, versus RMarkdonw, etc...
01:02:40    Federica Gazzelloni:    you can set your path: opts_chunk$set(cache.path = " ")
01:04:42    Federica Gazzelloni:
01:06:13    Ryan Metcalf:
01:07:57    Federica Gazzelloni:    The most appropriate use case of caching is to save and reload R objects that take too long to compute in a code chunk
01:09:20    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   no
01:09:26    Federica Gazzelloni:    no
01:12:49    Njoki Njuki Lucy:   I'll have to leave, thanks Becki! I look forward to the other part!!
01:12:53    Federica Gazzelloni:    there is some more about the changing r session and the cache:
01:13:02    Becki R. (she/her): Bye Lucy!
Meeting chat log
00:10:00    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:11:26    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:28:01    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
00:30:59    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    Remind @Sandra Muroy to share the dlab GitHub stuff when this posts to our channel. There, I think that will tag you in the post!
00:32:44    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    xaringan
00:36:45    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    lol, it's just called {shinydashboard}
00:48:24    Becki R. (she/her): I definitely need help with that!
00:53:08    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    It's been a while since we learned that!
2021-08-21: Chapter 6: Workflow: scripts: Ryan Metcalf
01:01:01    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    {pak} = updated package tracker
01:01:48    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    {targets}
01:03:00    Federica Gazzelloni:    library(pkgsnap)
01:04:15    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    devtools::install_version()
01:05:00    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    ?remotes::install_version()
01:05:15    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    install_version("devtools", ">= 1.12.0, < 1.14")
01:07:07    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
01:11:32    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
01:11:46    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):    pkgdown
01:12:41    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
01:13:21    Jon Harmon (jonthegeek):
01:13:32    Sandra Muroy:

28.0.2 Cohort 6

Meeting chat log
00:18:56    Marielena Soilemezidi:
00:19:07    Daniel: Thanks
00:59:42    Marielena Soilemezidi:

28.0.3 Cohort 7

Meeting chat log
00:08:43    Tim Newby:  Hello Oluwafemi!
00:09:47    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  start
00:19:45    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  This is cool!!!
00:37:04    Oluwafemi Oyedele:
01:01:50    Oluwafemi Oyedele:
01:01:57    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  stop

28.0.4 Cohort 8

Meeting chat log
00:01:59    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   start
00:10:33    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Im here
00:10:47    Ahmed Mamdouh:  The internet is so bad sorry
00:12:18    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Oh interesting
00:18:39    Ahmed Mamdouh:  It like packaging all dependencies
00:25:58    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Renv is like venv in python
00:29:57    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Yup
00:31:32    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Awesome
00:32:25    Shamsuddeen Muhammad:   stop
00:32:27    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Thanks alot man
00:32:50    Ahmed Mamdouh:  Bye