Summary of exported, internal, and raw data

Exported Internal Raw
What R objects for user R objects for functions Non-R objects for user
Use case Data for testing; data package Funs need e.g. lookup table, external info Practice loading in data/interacting with external files
Where to put it data/___.rda R/sysdata.rda inst/extdata/
File format Multiple .rda files Single .rda file, sysdata.rda Any format (usually not .rda). E.g. csv, xls, etc.
How to make/store it usethis::use_data(my_pkg_data) usethis::use_data(this, that, internal = T) ?
Where to make it data-raw/___.R data-raw/___.R data-raw/___.R ?
How do users access it? pkg::my_pkg_data or library(pkg); my_pkg_data They don’t. File paths?
Lazy-loaded? If set in DESCRIPTION Always ?
Documented? Yes, in R/ No ?