17.1 Introduction

  • A vignette is a long-form guide to your package.

  • A vignette can be framed around a target problem that your package is designed to solve.

  • The vignette format is perfect for showing a workflow that solves that particular problem, start to finish.

  • Many existing packages have vignettes and you can see all the vignettes associated with your installed packages with browseVignettes(). To limit that to a particular package, you can specify the package’s name like so: browseVignettes(“tidyr”). You can read a specific vignette with the vignette() function, e.g. vignette(“rectangle”, package = “tidyr”).

  • To see vignettes for a package that you haven’t installed, look at the “Vignettes” listing on its CRAN page, e.g. https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/tidyr/index.html.