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Meeting chat log
00:13:51    Ryan Metcalf:   I can get the ball rolling, I can try chapters 3 & 4.
00:35:53    Ryan Metcalf:   Maybe load `use this`?
00:44:13    Brendan Lam:    R4DS is my main reference for writing functions
00:44:46    Rex :   looking at other packages source code - but those with s3/s4 methods I find trickier to decipher)
00:47:27    Larissa Shaughnessy:    Collin I’m going to put something in the slack. I was digging through my docs for it while you were asking about resources - not sure if it gets into the complexity you are asking for but I do find the examples helpful

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Meeting chat log
00:04:21    Oluwafemi Oyedele:  Hello, Good Evening !!!
00:21:15    Schafer, Toryn: Is anyone not using RStudio?
00:21:36    Jamie:  I'm using Rstudio
00:21:46    Neil Birrell:   same here
00:21:48    Meenakshi Kushwaha: me too
00:22:10    defuneste:  I am using emacs or rstudio
00:22:28    Jamie:  Just a note: ensure that the create_package() path is not already in a R project.
00:22:51    Schafer, Toryn: Good advice, Jamie!
00:26:42    defuneste:  to git
00:26:48    Schafer, Toryn: I think I had different responses 😅 someone was having fun with that
00:28:41    Ryan McShane:   great example; I was wrestling with strsplit outputting lists or matrices only today 😂
00:29:25    Schafer, Toryn: I felt called out with the mention of source(“file.R”)
00:29:40    Ryan McShane:   and now it's obvious I didn't read the chapter (it's in 2.7, I'm seeing)
00:32:25    defuneste:  I use source() all the time attaching and reattaching the same library over and over :)
00:32:38    Jamie:  so check() tries to install the package right?
00:33:34    defuneste:  good question I am unsure
00:35:00    Schafer, Toryn: I think so. From the help page it says it builds and then checks CRAN requirements
00:39:50    Schafer, Toryn: Did anyone else get a note on there check() about “unable to verify current time”
00:40:16    defuneste:  > Like other license helpers, use_mit_license() also puts a copy of the full license in and adds this file to .Rbuildignore
00:40:26    defuneste:  it was a quote
00:48:43    Schafer, Toryn: I was manually adding things to a NAMESPACE in a local package before today 😅
00:49:12    Jamie:  How were you doing that? Doesn't it say read only?
00:50:02    Schafer, Toryn: It’s not actually… I don't know. I can type in it and save
00:50:39    Jamie:  Good find :)
00:53:43    Schafer, Toryn: if you wrap the examples in \dontrun{}, then it won't affect the check()... not sure if that is CRAN compliant, but if you have a computationally expensive function
00:54:26    Jamie:  Oh!! Nice one! I've always wondered why all examples start with dontrun! Thanks Torynm :)
00:54:37    Jamie:  *Toryn
00:57:15    defuneste:  I always do that by "hand"  and my readme are ugly
01:00:45    Jamie:  I have to go now. Thanks for a great session guys. Well done Oluwafemi. See you all next week :)
01:03:00    defuneste:  storm is here in Ohio be ready Chicago!
01:03:04    Schafer, Toryn: Hey! We're still looking for someone to sign up for week 4:
01:03:25    Ryan McShane:   I can do week 4
01:04:40    defuneste:  it was great !
01:04:45    defuneste:  live coding is hard
01:05:36    Meenakshi Kushwaha: thanks so much for the excellent demo!
01:05:54    defuneste:  yeah the used rename_file()

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Meeting chat log
00:09:00    Trevin Flickinger:
00:19:57    Trevin Flickinger:
00:34:55    shamsuddeen: