Other fields

  • Version where pkg is in lifecycle / how it’s evolving (Ch21)
  • LazyData: TRUE if pkg has data for users (won’t need data())
  • Encoding: UTF-8 by default (most common)
  • Collate controls the order in which R files are sourced (may be an issue when S4 classes are used)
  • VignetteBuilder lists what the pkg needs as a vignette engine (Ch17)
  • NeedsCompilation: no if only R code and no C/C++/Fortran/Rust/JS code
  • SystemRequirements dependencies external to R in plain text for human eyes
SystemRequirements: C++17
SystemRequirements: GNU make
SystemRequirements: TensorFlow (https://www.tensorflow.org/)
  • Don’t use Date field, will auto-populate on build