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00:05:51    Ryan Metcalf:   Russ Hyde's new Cohort, "JavaScript for R":
00:10:18    Isabella Velásquez: Total Eclipse of the Heart ;D
00:10:32    Ryan Metcalf:   OUTSTANDING!!!!
00:50:52    Ryan Metcalf:   One of my favorite copyright battles was Google's development of the Dvorak language (for Android) which contained some levels of Java functions. When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2009, one of the first orders of business for Oracle was to go after Google for the a couple of code snippets supporting Android.
00:51:48    Ryan Metcalf:   A good bit of reading, but great as a Legal use case of bridging open and closed source coding.

#### Part 2
00:01:58    Ryan Metcalf:   Fix for BlueTooth: sudo kill bluetoothd
00:04:49    Brendan Lam:
00:04:57    Brendan Lam:    How to pronounce it (supposedly)
00:05:22    Ryan Metcalf:   Awesome Brendan! great thread!
00:17:32    Ryan Metcalf:
00:18:59    Ryan Metcalf:   Directly related to the US:
00:24:16    Ryan Metcalf:   Quick side note: I received a block due to API key. You can acquire one at:
00:41:21    Ryan Metcalf:   The Google Verse turned up this link for R as a package is GPL-2 | GPL-3.,to%20see%20if%20this%20applies.
00:44:14    Isabella Velásquez: ??pivot_longer every day
00:49:28    Rex Parsons:    I think you're right
01:06:38    Isabella Velásquez: I learned of this add in that helps with roxygen2 tags:
01:11:24    Ryan Metcalf:   S3 Reference: