17.10 Article instead of vignette

  • There is one last technique, if you don’t want any of your code to execute on CRAN. Instead of a vignette, you can create an article, which is a term used by pkgdown for a vignette-like .Rmd document that is not shipped with the package, but that appears only in the website.

  • An article will be less accessible than a vignette, for certain users, such as those with limited internet access, because it is not present in the local installation. But that might be an acceptable compromise, for example, for a package that wraps a web API.

  • We can draft a new article with usethis::use_article(), which ensures the article will be .Rbuildignored. A great reason to use an article instead of a vignette is to show your package working in concert with other packages that you don’t want to depend on formally. Another compelling use case is when an article really demands lots of graphics. This is problematic for a vignette, because the large size of the package causes problems with R CMD check (and, therefore, CRAN) and is also burdensome for everyone who installs it, especially those with limited internet.