19.13 Development Mode

The development field allows you to generate different sites for the development and released versions of your package. ~ pkgdown

  • In the _pkgdown.yml file there is a mode: field. This can be set to release, development, auto and more.

  • release is default and site gets written to docs/ (just use this if you have a small user base). This will generate a single site, but a user downloading from CRAN may get documentation from your in development documents (e.g. functions that may not exist in the CRAN package yet)

  • devel site is writen to docs/dev/ and gets a danger class, and a tool tip warning these documents are in development. A noindex tag stops search engines indexing this site. You would have two sites the CRAN release in docs/ and the development release in docs/dev/

    • Example of this:
      • readr.tidyverse.org documents the released version, i.e. what install.packages(“readr”) delivers.
      • readr.tidyverse.org/dev/ documents the dev version, i.e. what install_github(“tidyverse/readr”) delivers.
  • auto will automatically determine the mode based on the version number (use if your package has a broad user base)