• R CMD CHECK is the terminal command
  • devtools::check() and running Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E run it indirectly.

devtools::check() also does:

  • updates documentation (devtools::document())
  • bundles before checking (bit safer as it removes unnecessary files)
  • sets the NOT_CRAN environment variable to TRUE.

23.1.1 Results

  • ERRORs: Severe problems that you should fix regardless of whether or not you’re submitting to CRAN.

  • WARNINGs: Likely problems that you must fix if you’re planning to submit to CRAN (and a good idea to look into even if you’re not).

  • NOTEs: Mild problems. If you are submitting to CRAN, you should strive to eliminate all NOTEs, even if they are false positives. If you have no NOTEs, human intervention is not required, and the package submission process will be easier. If it’s not possible to eliminate a NOTE, you’ll need describe why it’s OK in your submission comments, as described in Section 22.2. If you’re not submitting to CRAN, carefully read each NOTE, but don’t go out of your way to fix things that you don’t think are problems.

    • pkgs with compiled code may have larger than “allowed” file size. This appears as a NOTE as is no big problem - you can just mention this in the cran-comments.md in the submission.