Deprecation helpers

  • If the user leaves verbose unspecified or if they request verbose = TRUE (default behavior), warn_for_verbose() does nothing.

  • But if they explicitly ask for verbose = FALSE, we throw a warning.

warn_for_verbose <- function(verbose = TRUE,
                             env = rlang::caller_env(),
                             user_env = rlang::caller_env(2)) {
  # This function is not meant to be called directly, so don't worry about its
  # default of `verbose = TRUE`.
  # In authentic, indirect usage of this helper, this picks up on whether
  # `verbose` was present in the **user's** call to the calling function.
  if (!lifecycle::is_present(verbose) || isTRUE(verbose)) {

    when = "2.0.0",
    what = I("The `verbose` argument"),
    details = c(
      "Set `options(googledrive_quiet = TRUE)` to suppress all googledrive messages.",
      "For finer control, use `local_drive_quiet()` or `with_drive_quiet()`.",
      "googledrive's `verbose` argument will be removed in the future."
    user_env = user_env
  # only set the option during authentic, indirect usage
  if (!identical(env, global_env())) {
    local_drive_quiet(env = env)