16.18 Meeting Videos

16.18.1 Cohort 1

16.18.2 Cohort 2

16.18.3 Cohort 3 Part 1 Part 2

Meeting chat log
#### Part 1
00:01:58    Ryan Metcalf:   Fix for BlueTooth: sudo kill bluetoothd
00:04:49    Brendan Lam:    https://twitter.com/lucystats/status/959504698842652672
00:04:57    Brendan Lam:    How to pronounce it (supposedly)
00:05:22    Ryan Metcalf:   Awesome Brendan! great thread!
00:17:32    Ryan Metcalf:   https://creativecommons.org/Government
00:18:59    Ryan Metcalf:   Directly related to the US: https://resources.data.gov/open-licenses/
00:24:16    Ryan Metcalf:   Quick side note: I received a block due to API key. You can acquire one at: http://api.census.gov/data/key_signup.html
00:41:21    Ryan Metcalf:   The Google Verse turned up this link for R as a package is GPL-2 | GPL-3. https://www.r-project.org/Licenses/#:~:text=R%20as%20a%20package%20is,to%20see%20if%20this%20applies.
00:44:14    Isabella Velásquez: ??pivot_longer every day
00:49:28    Rex Parsons:    I think you're right
01:06:38    Isabella Velásquez: I learned of this add in that helps with roxygen2 tags: https://github.com/matt-dray/snorkel
01:11:24    Ryan Metcalf:   S3 Reference: https://adv-r.hadley.nz/s3.html?q=S3#implicit-class

16.18.4 Cohort 4