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Meeting chat log
00:24:12    Olivier Leroy:  for linux user (ubunutu) now we have r2u (https://eddelbuettel.github.io/r2u/) so it could be the same than windows /mac
00:36:58    Jamie Hogg: Does anyone know why it is the zzz file?
00:37:03    Howard Baek:    ^
00:37:08    Howard Baek:    why is it named "zzz"?
00:37:31    Jamie Hogg: Is it to make it be 'built' last?
00:38:03    Howard Baek:    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21448904/r-packages-what-is-the-file-zzz-r-used-for
00:38:12    Howard Baek:    "zzz" is just a conventional name
00:38:21    Jamie Hogg: fair enough hahah
00:39:21    Howard Baek:    maybe it has sth to do with “build order”? because they use the last letter in the alphabet
00:39:42    Jamie Hogg: Yeah, I was just going to say that :)
00:40:14    Howard Baek:    Ben Bolker confirms this in that SO post
00:40:23    Schafer, Toryn: Maybe a question for Jenny?
00:41:12    Schafer, Toryn: exams
00:42:01    Olivier Leroy:  https://www.r-exams.org/
00:42:04    Olivier Leroy:  ?
00:43:37    Schafer, Toryn: https://www.r-exams.org/intro/written/
00:47:28    Olivier Leroy:  https://github.com/rsbivand/rgrass/blame/main/R/initGRASS.R
00:49:00    Jamie Hogg: I have to go now. Thanks for presenting today Sofi :)
00:50:53    Schafer, Toryn: https://github.com/haoxuanwu/dspCP
01:06:25    Neil Birrell:   Here's a blog on the history of the assignment operator in R
01:06:26    Neil Birrell:   https://colinfay.me/r-assignment/