23.3 Meeting Videos

23.3.1 Cohort 3

Meeting chat log
00:48:13    Brendan Lam:    I don't know what CRAN reviews, but ROpenSci is pretty transparent about how they do software review: https://devguide.ropensci.org/
01:00:06    Arun Chavan:    omg
01:03:13    Brendan Lam:    Thanks Collin! You've done an exceptionally good job leading this cohort.
01:05:48    Arun Chavan:    https://dslcio.slack.com/archives/C0183F9UC2V/p1659977487900379
01:06:22    collinberke:    https://dslcio.slack.com/archives/C0183F9UC2V/p1659977487900379
01:08:19    collinberke:    https://avehtari.github.io/ROS-Examples/
01:11:12    Brendan Lam:    Same

23.3.2 Cohort 4

Meeting chat log
00:08:43    Data Science Learning Community:    New Zealand has extreme insects: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dryococelus_australis
00:10:57    Rebecca Butler: (popping in as a fly on the wall even though I've never made a meeting for this club)
00:29:41    Olivier Leroy:  Am  the only one that use CRAN view ?
00:40:10    Olivier Leroy:  GitHub is starting to be really smart on it repo recommandation
00:49:28    Olivier Leroy:  Company that sell data products do not sometimes want their package public
00:50:31    Olivier Leroy:  Dealing with a lot of private package we have a lot of credentials issues (mainly bad practices)
00:58:06    Olivier Leroy:  For the users one package make it easier, one example could be {sf}
00:58:27    Olivier Leroy:  Default is that it is hard to build around {sf}
01:08:03    Jenny Bryan:    The Pragmatic Programmer
01:08:56    Data Science Learning Community:    https://www.manning.com/books/the-programmers-brain
01:10:50    Rebecca Butler: I want to see a list of the blogs Jenny follows :)
01:11:11    Olivier Leroy:  Reacted to "I want to see a list..." with 👍
01:17:39    Data Science Learning Community:    Non-defaults in RStudio: usethis::use_blank_slate()
01:18:58    Olivier Leroy:  Thank you!
01:19:03    Gus Lipkin: Thank you!
01:19:06    Rebecca Butler: Thank you for your time, Jenny!
01:19:12    Schafer, Toryn: Thank you!
01:19:13    Ryan McShane:   Thank you, and thank you for Happy Git with R!
01:19:14    Neil Birrell:   Thanks so much for your time and mahi on the book and packages Jenny!