How to add to the book

Set up Quarto

This book is made with Quarto. Please see the Get Started chapter of the Quarto documentation to learn how to install and run Quarto in your IDE.

Add to book

Once you have everything set up, forked the repo, and cloned to your computer, you can add a new chapter to the book.

Create a new file in the repository folder. For example, to create a new file called 01_exercises.qmd, navigate to the folder then create one using touch 01_exercises.qmd. If you are using VSCode, you can use the Quarto plug-in. You can use plain .md files, Quarto .qmd, or Jupyter .ipynb files in this book. Check out the files under Examples to see the various options.

Write in what you would like in the file.

Then, in the _quarto.yml file, under chapters, add a part with your chapter. The file listed after part is the first page of chapter; the ones under chapters will be subpages.

  - part: 01_main.qmd
      - 01_notes.qmd
      - 01_video.qmd
      - 01_exercises.qmd

Render the book

Once you have added and edited your files, don’t forget to render the book. Run this in the terminal:

quarto render --to html

Push up to GitHub

Push your changes to your forked repo and then create a pull request for the DSLC admins to merge your changes.

git add .
git commit -m "Message here"
git push