Cohort 01

00:09:36    Isabella Velásquez:
00:15:43    Layla Bouzoubaa:    heart heart heart
00:15:50    Layla Bouzoubaa:    I am lving quarto
00:16:07    Layla Bouzoubaa:    😻😻😻😻
00:16:27    shamsuddeen:    Yes
00:17:49    Jadey Ryan: thank you so much Isabella! so helpful 🥳
00:21:12    Isabella Velásquez: Get started with Quarto:
00:21:50    Ron:    Busted ;)
00:39:01    Isabella Velásquez: import pandas as pd

%pdef pd.read_csv
00:39:23    Isabella Velásquez: ^ this runs (no parentheses)
00:41:15    Ron:    For simpler functions %pdef is pretty helpful, for example %pdef pd.DataFrame is only a few lines ;)
00:41:46    Layla Bouzoubaa:    ahh, perfect! thank you much!
00:43:13    Layla Bouzoubaa:    wooaahh
00:52:53    Isabella Velásquez: Error in "5" + 6 : non-numeric argument to binary operator
01:02:27    Ron:    I LOVE f-strings.
01:06:45    Isabella Velásquez: I have to go, thanks so much, this was great!
01:07:19    Layla Bouzoubaa:    me as well, have a great weekend all!
01:08:17    Jim Gruman: thankyou!!!
01:08:25    Jadey Ryan: thank you!!!