19.10 Vignettes and articles

  • A packages vignettes will appear (rendered) in the Articles drop down menu
  • Vignettes can also be linked to automatically (recall using vignette("some-topic") inline from Chapter 17)
  • pkgdown will detect that format and automatically link to it on your website. Use this format in your roxygen comments:
    • for your own vignette vignette("some-topic")

    • for an external package vignette vignette("some-topic", package = "somepackage")

    • this will not work for non-vignette articles (use a normal URL for these e.g. []())

    • make sure to use backticks and parentheses when you refer to a function in vignettes e.g.:

      `thisfunction()` or `otherpkg::otherfunction()`