19.5 usethis::use_pkgdown_github_pages()

  • usethis::use_pkgdown_github_pages() is called once and will run through several steps:
    • Initialises an empty orphan branch in your GitHub repo (gh-pages)
      • This branch only exists on GitHub and only tracks the files that make up the website (i.e. what we see in docs/)
    • Turns on GitHub Pages for your repo and points it to the gh-pages branch
    • Copies the config file for a GHA workflow (shows up in .github/workflows/pkgdown.yaml)
    • Adds the URL for your site as the homepage for your GitHub repo
    • Adds the URL for your site to DESCRIPTION and _pkgdown.yml
  • It may take a couple of minutes, but you should now be able to visit the website URL (you will see it listed in the console output).
    • the default URL is in this form:
  • You have a website! Sweet as!